New Music: “I Just…”

Released today on our AudioMack and SoundCloud Channels.

Take a Listen

P vs NP

I’ve been binge watching Elementary on Hulu.  It’s a Sherlock Holmes spin off detective show that has been my go-to for TV the past couple weeks.

One episode is about this unsolved math problem called P vs NP.  I pondered the thought of pursuing this problem in attempts to win the $1M prize, critical acclaim, and hopefully an honorary doctorate.  Why?  Because I think I can solve any problem I fully understand and math has always been my favorite subject.

But this would put my music career at odds.  Thankfully, the Holy Spirit led me to continue pursuing Light Musick.

The Challenge

Once I realized not to pursue P vs NP it was almost as if I was testing myself to see if I could write something new and comparable to the quality of music I’ve put out thus far.

I know writing music, among other things, is one of my gifts.  So, I wrote “I Just…” and I feel it holds up to my standards.

Cover Art

I chose to use a picture that popped up on my desktop of two Puffin birds.  The chorus is singing about flying like a bird lol.  I hope you like this piece.

Thanks for visiting.  Stop back by for more music and posts.  Feel free to peruse older posts to listen to other recent music releases.

As always be safe, be blessed, and be happy.

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David Gift

New Music: “I see YOU”

Released last night on my SoundCloud and Audiomack Channels.

TaKe A LiSTen

The Process

I was listening to More Life by Drake yesterday evening and just catchin’ a vibe. After a while I was ready to create my next song as I continue to generate some buzz for my Fellowsoldier EP coming soon. The search for the perfect beat began once again.

I happen to come across something real nice. It’s a very mellow relaxed track. I started writing immediately. This time though, I was really flowing. Normally the words come easy to me. But this time it seemed a little more effortless to the point that I didn’t want to stop writing the verse when it was time to write the chorus.

From there I laid it down. Did the verses in one take after a quick mic check. I think it came out quite beautiful. Thank YOU LORD for this gift. Amen.

As always, be safe, be blessed, and be happy.

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David Gift


Word Exchange Physical Copies – The Struggle

It Was All A Dream…

If you follow me on social media you may have saw me post a video very happily receiving and opening my first shipment of my debut Album Word Exchange in physical copy form.  Take a look at a major milestone in my career as an independent Christian Hip Hop artist here.


I hit the streets of Atlanta in my neighborhood of College Park very eagerly to try and sale some units.  It started off great with my Uncle Tony being my very first customer, who actually pre-ordered 2 copies all the way from back home in Pittsburgh, PA.  Bless his heart and I’m so grateful for his support.  I then would post-up at local shopping malls and plaza’s to hustle my album.  This is my dream we’re talking about here.  To finally receive money for the years of hard work I’ve put in was literally a dream come true.  Thank you so much to everyone that gave anything.  Even words of encouragement meant a lot to me.

So for about a month I would pound the pavement and accept donations and money in exchange for my album or a business card telling people where they could download the free digital version at

The most rewarding part of this experience was when a couple people allowed me to pray with them right on the spot.  That was awesome just for total strangers to share what they were going through and that I could offer a prayer to comfort them.  To GOD be the glory.  Special thanks to my Mom for pointing out this key aspect of ministry.


Unexpectedly, I encountered private security agencies that would patrol the areas I would be trying to sale my album in.  They would tell me I can’t sale my album on their property or no soliciting or no loitering and I’d have to leave.  After a few of these warning confrontations the Holy Spirit led me to alter the way I was doing business.  My temporary solution was to post-up in low volume foot traffic areas.  Which would mean less sales or donations, but also less harassment by the authorities.  So, I tried this approach until today.

It’s Over Now


After talking this issue over with my team the Holy Spirit led me to ask local police officers the policies and punishment for selling CD’s in Atlanta. Well, I was told that there was a zero tolerance for soliciting on Marta property by Marta Police and pretty much the same thing by the Atlanta Police – it’s illegal and they wouldn’t hesitate to give me a physical arrest and take me straight to jail.  My ship had docked.

That was enough information for me to be smart about the situation and abandon my efforts to sale my albums in the streets.  Ironically, I was talking with another Marta patron the same day and she told me the same thing.  She saw the Marta Police arrest a guy who was selling clothes.

Even though I am doing something positive there is always red tape, which is sad, but true.

But GOD is a keeper!

I just thank GOD I was attentive to the voice and presence of the Holy Spirit and obedient in following HIS lead.  Because honestly I could have gotten arrested a couple times in the few weeks I was selling my album, but GOD is a keeper!  Amen!

Thanks for stopping by and as always be safe, be blessed, and be happy.  Keep in mind my new EP Fellowsoldier is Coming Soon.

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David Gift


New Music: “Nothing for Granted”

The Urge

It comes from the dreams the LORD has placed inside me.  Today we released the 7th single this year as we build up anticipation for the next solo album Fellowsoldier on our SoundCloud and Audiomack Channels.  It came at a time when I had a lot going on and I had to go back to the drawing board.  The outcome was stellar.  Powerful.  All praise due to the Most High GOD JESUS CHRIST!

Take A Listen


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David Gift


New Music: “Work”

Released 3-15-2017 on my Soundcloud and Audiomack Channels

The Motivation

I was actually motivated by my last release “Love, Sacrifice, & Memories.”  I just happen to listen to a snippet of it and got excited.  I was like “Man, I got to record something that’s gonna set the industry on fire!”  And I wanted to continue putting out new music to promote my upcoming Fellowsoldier EP.  So I went looking for a beat and came across a real banger.

After that I started writing and practicing my delivery.  The beat catered towards a certain cadence with my flow.  So I tried to stick to that.  The hook really came first.  The first word that came out of my mouth to this beat was “Work.”  And from there everything just took it’s course with the beautiful help of the Holy Spirit.

The Message

Normally I would classify this type of record as a “ripper,” which is one of those tracks you just let every body know you got bars.  And I even drifted towards that a little when I was writing.  But in the end I wanted this song to not only showcase my lyrical ability, but tell the world why JESUS is my LORD and Saviour in a powerful way.

So I incorporated Scripture with my life and let the world know I’m working to spread the Gospel through Light Musick. I get pretty specific too.  From talking about my Bipolar Disorder, to GOD bringing me out of the Hospital and Prison.  And the hook just completes the whole package to me: “Work.  Tryin’ to survive.  Tryna stay alive.  Everyday I strive.  That’s right I work!”

Final Thoughts

Praise GOD for giving me this talent to write songs and the ability to share it with the world!

Thanks for stopping by and listening to my latest release “Work.”  I’d like to know what you think about it.  Leave me a comment.  And please Like, Share, Reblog and Repost.

As always be safe, be blessed, and be happy.


David Gift


Fellowsoldier EP Cover Art

New Cover

Previous Design

After revealing the 1st Cover Art for Fellowsoldier I came to a realization that JESUS is never depicted or mentioned to have smoked cigarettes.  So that was the wrong image to propel.

New Design

This came about the same way actually.  I took a selfie and wanted to bring some focus and emphasis on my splatter paint hat.  After that it was all about using some effects with a program I recently discovered, adding a fitting border, and text.

I like the yellow.  I feel like it will stand out on a cell phone.  I was going for a pop.  And since I’ve heard yellow means friendship this is the perfect color for the content on Fellowsoldier. 

Fellowsoldier Concept

Fellowsoldier is a Biblical word meaning co-campaigner or servant that I found in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.  This EP is my soundtrack to my life.  5 different songs with a skit conversation to my nephew weaved through each of them as I school him on the finer points of life.  Coming Soon!

Thanks for stopping by.  As always, be safe, be happy, and be blessed.

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David Gift


Project Pen Pal Launch

The Purpose & Goal

The purpose of this project is for me to help people that are incarcerated by being a new contact for them through letters with a goal to simply be friendly and encouraging.


My Background

As an Ex-Offender, I remember how important mail was to me.  I would read letters, cards, and inspirational material over and over again to keep my spirit up and remain mindful that this too shall pass.


Anyone 18 years of age or older in the U.S. is welcome to email a prisoners contact information to me at and I will begin writing that person who is in jail or prison soon as possible at no cost to anyone.

Doing My Part

I’m here to help. As a writer it’s a joy to pen, print, and post letters. I just want to use the gifts GOD gave me to give back to my community and the world.

So if you have family or friends that would like a Pen Pal just send me an email and I’ll write them.  I can not guarantee anything will change or happen after writing someone nor that my writing will continue indefinitely due to the volume of possible Pen Pal requests.  But I will do my best to comfort, encourage, and inspire them based on the Holy Bible.

Thanks for stopping by. As always be safe, be happy, and be blessed.

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David Gift



Historical Day for Hip Hop!


Late last night was arguably the best beat battle between super producers Swizz Beatz and Just Blaze.  It was every bit of an epic moment for Hip Hop fans everywhere.

I stumbled on this event on Twitter by chance thank GOD!  The entire battle was streaming FREE on YouTube Live, Instagram Live and other places.  I watched it on the former.  Before last night I didn’t even know you could do YouTube Live lol.


When I joined the live stream it was almost over.  The whole thing lasted over 2 hours.  I saw about 4 rounds.  Just Blaze was playing his hits and Swizz was playing his; both added improvisation and emceeing to spice things up and put a new spin on their already masterpieces.

I was reading the live chat and fans were weighing in heavy putting each producer in their win or loss column.  There was over 2,000 people viewing the event so the comments were rolling.

The final blow came from Swizz when he played his final production, which was an unreleased joint with Nas, Jay Z, DMX and Jadakiss.  It started off sounding crazy good with Nas saying “Escobar season has return.”  You gotta hear this man!  And Swizz was throwing in a subtle ad lib here and there with his mix.  I was like what is this I’m hearing?  It was AWESOME.  Swizz finished Just Blaze off with a haymaker lol.  K.O. it was over.  I don’t think Just Blaze could’ve even matched Swizz level at that point.  It was that strong.  This is what I posted on my Instagram @LightMusick


On a chill Friday night that I needed some entertainment all that happened.  And yes at the end Just Blaze asthma really did flare up lol.

Watch for Yourself

This video was posted to the Hot 97 YouTube Channel moments after the battle ended.  



Shots also fired today from rapper Remy Ma directly at Niki Minaj on her new diss record called “shETHER.”  Let me just tell you Niki gotta respond to this.  I knew this was going to happen.  Remy spit over the classic Nas beat used for “Ether.”

I got the notification from Audiomack and was geeked to hear it.  The diss track is like 7 minutes long.  Immediately I went to Twitter to see the reactions.  They were hysterical lol.  Next, I had to go to Niki Minaj Instagram page to see what she did to set Remy off.  What I found was a post of Remy Ma and Fat Joe new Album Plato O Plomo sales.  Basically, Niki was clowning Remy with that post because they had tremendously low sales in their first week. Niki commented “Yikes.”


I was super excited as I listened to the whole record.  I was laughing at some points, like “geesh” at other parts, and overall the whole jam was gutter.  Remy spit some unknown facts about Niki mixed with her opinions of course and that was a cool approach.  Overall it was gulley straight up and down.

Here is where I think the diss track was lacking: style, arrangement, and beat selection.  Remy’s lyrics were tight, but she didn’t show a lot of swag on the track, if any.  Her punch lines just ran together, which took away from the track and made it less exciting.  And that’s where I think her arrangement could’ve been better because there was no hook.  Lastly, she used Nas’ CLASSIC beat, which only he could have delivered so well on.

I began to think about Drake’s battle with Meek and how “Back 2 Back” was new, fresh, catchy, yet still potent.  I think Niki will definitely use this same approach for her response if and when she responds, but basically she has to.  Her whole reputation is on the line.  Do it for Hip Hop Niki.

Personally, I think Niki is a better rapper than Remy Ma and could literally destroy Remy if she wants to.  I just can’t wait to see that!

Listen for Yourself


Thanks for stopping by.  Until next time be safe, be happy, and be blessed.

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David Gift


New Music: “Love, Sacrifice, & Memories”




Something new for the world just dropped on my SoundCloud and Audiomack Channels yesterday!  I’m really feeling this one as I drop new tracks every month up until the release of my next major project Fellowsoldier EP.

The Spark

I found a really profound line in my previous release “LORD Have Mercy” or at least I think so lol.  When I said “… now I’m moving into infinity.  I see life differently.  It’s all about love, sacrifice, and memories…”  I pondered that line for days and even posted it on all my social media networks.  It’s weird, when I wrote it, I just thought it was a cool line.  But the more I thought about my summation of life it dawned on me what else is there really?

And I think my view on life is slightly different from the norm.  For one, I’ve never heard this perspective from anyone else.  It’s not something I read or got from conversations or anything.  I believe when I wrote it the Holy Spirit was speaking to me and gave me a jewel, a seed to plant if you will, that was true to me.  Thank YOU LORD!


So I came across this hard FREE beat.  I was feeling it and decided to extend my address of this thought I shared on “LORD Have Mercy,” which was that love, sacrifice, and memories is how I see life differently.

Originally, I wanted to spit 3 verses, each touching the 3 topics.  But, I only had enough space on the song for 2 verses.  This forced me to combine 2 of the topics; sacrifice and memories, on the second verse.  And the hook was pretty simple, yet strong, since I was literally biting myself lol.


Thanks for stopping by.  And as always be safe, be happy, and be blessed.


David Gift

New Music: “LORD Have Mercy”


croppedscreenshot_1486251740736_Released 2/4/2017 on my SoundCloud and Audiomack Channels.

The Motivation

Driving forces behind “LORD Have Mercy” were strictly in regard to me using my gifts, talents, and resources fully with more consistency in attempts to gain a wider fan base as I approach the release of my next project Fellowsoldier EP.  Coming Soon!

The Content

I was actually inspired by Big Sean’s Funkmaster Flex most recent freestyle.  I want to see Sean win.  And that led me to listen to his new album.  He is certainly a lyricist and that’s what excites me about Hip Hop.  Along with good production.

As far as my bars are concerned.  I stuck to the script.  Just tried to push myself lyrically with my word choices and rhyme schemes.  My intent for these verses is to encourage and hopefully compel a listener to want to get to know JESUS.  “I’m just planting seeds.  I’m just saying my peace.”  The hook ties into the message of the song because with out the LORD’S mercy what do you really have?  Not much.

Take a Listen

Thanks for stopping by.  And as always, be safe, be blessed and be happy.

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David Gift