Fellowsoldier EP – “Love, Sacrifice, & Memories” Song Backstory

As we ran the promotion campaign this year to increase awareness about the Fellowsoldier EP which is OUT NOW, we released 11 singles. One of those was “LORD Have Mercy.” In that song was the line “…I see life differently. It’s all about love, sacrifice, and memories…” And that single phrase birthed the “Love, Sacrifice, & Memories” song.

This song was also one of those 11 released earlier this year. And because of it being the 4th most played song, along with the great response it received, we had to include it on the Fellowsoldier EP.

Song Fundamentals

The song obviously touches on 3 main points: love, sacrifice, and memories. And how I feel these 3 things are what life is all about.

So with love I open the first verse up with the line “Love, is an action word so they say. HE gone love you anyway, any way…” This dismantles that old saying that is so cliche and familiar to everyone. My spin on it is from a spiritual perspective. GOD loves us all regardless of what we do or don’t do. GOD is love.

There’s a Scripture about this. ROMANS 8:38-39 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. K.J.V. Amen. This Scripture explains why the love of JESUS CHRIST is always with us.

That is just one of the points I make in the first verse. I also say how “…I feel real love is flawless. Polished. Even as a novice. Knows no bounds. Holds no frowns…” Just saying how precious genuine love is to me. I go on to mention my love for my mother, Ann Moses, and my brothers Andre and David. And I just give more examples of love in my life.

I finish with the line “JESUS died, came back gave motivation. That’s a real agape type of love situation.” In the Bible there are 3 types of love: Eros (desire and longing), Agape (the divine-love of the Lord towards his Son Jesus Christ, the human beings and all believers), and Philos (like love for a companion or pal). When JESUS died on the cross and sacrificed HIS life to end death so that all who believe in HIM can have Eternal Life HE demonstrated the highest level of love for mankind ever possible. And that’s how I express that and transition into the sacrifice point more in the second verse.

One of the lines I say speaking about the salvation JESUS gives to us is “…So that’s the example we use when trying to choose. Between yourself and others. Sacrifice that pleasure for another…” Next I touch on the memories point directly after this saying “…Now you got something to hold on. A memory to fold on. Roll on…” Saying how it feels good to give and spread love. Every time you do that you can always revisit that feeling in thought. Memories are priceless. The good and bad ones. They help us grow. We live and we learn. Then we live some more based off how we’ve hopefully changed for the better.


This beat was produced by Skeyez. I heard it and just was taken back by how mellow it was. I thought to myself I gotta say something real on this. So that’s what happened. I wrote this song on my phone using the QuickMemo+ app. I’m versatile as to how I write. I started out just being pen and pad. That has evolved to using my smartphone or even my laptop. And sometimes I don’t even need anything. I’ll just memorize lyrics as I come up with them until the whole song is complete including the hook.

Final Thoughts

The apology at the end is for my cousin Reese. That’s the gist of the song. Take a listen to it and tell me what you think.

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David Gift


Fellowsoldier is a Biblical word. It means co-campaigner. Someone who assists. A helper.


Fellowsoldier EP – “I Thank The LORD” Song Backstory

Gotta Thank GOD!

If you haven’t thanked the LORD yet what are you waiting on!?

The Holy Bible has a Scripture about this. And this is JESUS speaking: For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he shall come in his own glory, and in his Father’s, and of the holy angels. LUKE 9:26 K.J.V. Amen.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want GOD to be ashamed of me for any reason- ever.

So that was kinda the premise for this song on the Fellowsoldier EP- OUT NOW. I just wanted to add a true praise and worship song to the Light Musick Genre catalog.

I saw a Facebook video about a chapel that was being forced to remove the cross from the top of the building. And all the Bibles had to also be removed. A true travesty. The school gave in to the demands instead of possibly being sued. I felt bad after watching that. We as believers can not give into the enemy in any way, shape, form, or fashion ever.

So this song is me being unashamed of my faith in my LORD and Saviour JESUS CHRIST.

Song Mechanics

I wrote this song early in 2016 originally to a beat by a producer I was working with at the time. It took me literally 5 minutes to write the then 2/3s of the song. I added a 3rd verse this year plus a vamp. And by this time I was gravitating towards a different sound for this cut.

I stumbled upon this instrumental from a guy I hadn’t heard of before named Josh Petruccio. Immediately I loved it and married the lyrics to it. To me it has an international sound. Like I can see my brothers and sisters in Africa vibin’ to it heavy lol. And I’ve studied the music industry and how songs break, crossover and spread like wildfire for decades. So I feel like this song has that type of potential.


A friend of mine named Skinny from St. Louis, MO heard this and got hype. He was like: “That’s dope right there. That’s the one!” So I’m just blessed to have the ability to create in a way that impacts people positively. Skinny also gave me a jackpot of an idea in that moment. He suggested I combine the video for “I Thank The LORD” which is coming soon, with the intro song “I Just Kick It.” At first I was reluctant to accept that. But after pondering the concept for a while that’s definitely the new plan. I’ve always liked those type of videos anyway. Thanks Skinny!

Rap Up

We’ve been diligently planning this video for about 6 months now. Basically every since I heard the Josh Petruccio instrumental used for it. And I have some ideas that I pray turn out lit. But I believe they will. So be on the look out for that. It’ll be my 2nd music video I produced and directed.

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David Gift

P.S. Fellowsoldier is a Biblical word. It means co-campaigner. Someone who assists. A helper.

Fellowsoldier EP – “I Just Kick It” Song Backstory


It is of the LORD’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness. LAMENTATIONS 3:22-23 K.J.V. Amen.

“It’s a new day. New beginning. Worth Spending. I thank, I thank GOD I’m living.” Is the main idea and hook supporting this song. Just to emphasize how valuable each day is. Every day is a blessing from the LORD and what we do with that day is our blessing to HIM. Amen.

So I wrote this last year, 2016, while I was actually working on my debut album Word Exchange.

The song was always visualized as an intro song to a project. Because the hook is talking about it being a new day with new possibilities, opportunities, and everything. And just being thankful to GOD for being alive. So what better way to jump start a project.

The Body Top to Bottom

The title came directly from the text of the lyrics when I spit the line: “Prosperity No delay. I just kick it like Pelé.” Pelé is known as arguably the worlds best football a.k.a. soccer player of all time. So it’s a metaphor about my affinity for soccer, appreciation for Pelé and how I’m kicking prosperity in Light Musick, our version of Christian Hip Hop. Sometimes as a writer and fan of word play in general when I hear a super dope verse, line, or metaphor I get excited! And that was the feeling I had when that standout lyric came about. So from that stand point it had to be the title of the whole song.

But also the lyrical potency of the entire song is just a great display of my lyricism and ability to write songs. I wrote this song on a piece of paper while riding a bus I believe.

Next, the beat selection was really what took the production of this piece to a new level. I’m always listening to all different kinds of beats from many producers all over the world. It was nothing more than GOD’S perfect timing which led me to what we used on “I Just Kick It.” Because a few other beats were chosen prior. Bulg Productions has some real classic Hip Hop beats man. And when I heard it. I immediately paired the two.

The story behind the actual lyrics is a mixture of a little bit of braggadocio, but not in an arrogant manner, and style combined with a strong message about not only the importance of CHRIST in ones life, but also the greatness only HE can provide.

Lastly, I explain the definition of the title of the EP in this intro track. Fellowsoldier is a Biblical word. It means co-campaigner. Someone who assists. A helper.


I was so eager and pumped to record this track man. This one was recorded in my townhouse in my home studio. As I aspire to do with all my songs, I recorded this song in 1 take. I didn’t want too many ad-libs or extra words. I really just wanted to let the lyrics coupled with the beat speak for themselves. This was actually the approach to the whole project. But there was a space to freestyle some ad-libs towards the end as I gave the definition of the title of the EP.

So far this has been the most played song on the project. I highly recommend it. Take a listen for yourself.

Fellowsoldier Definition Design.png

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David Gift

#Christ4Crisis 🙏

New Music: ‘Fellowsoldier’ EP Released!

Released today on LightMusick.com for FREE download and our Soundcloud and Audiomack Channels.

Thank YOU JESUS!!!!!!!

It has arrived by nothing but the grace of GOD.  We’ve been working on the Fellowsoldier EP Project for over a year now and it is finally here halleluyah!

Track List & Credits

  1. David Gift – I Just Kick It – Written by David Gift, Produced by Bulg Productions
  2. David Gift – I Thank The LORD – Written by David Gift, Produced by Josh Petruccio
  3. David Gift – Love, Sacrifice, & Memories – Written by David Gift, Produced by Skeyez
  4. David Gift – I See YOU – Written by David Gift, Produced by Young Taylor
  5. David Gift – Sweet Dreamin – Written by David Gift, Produced by MOS3S
  6. David Gift – Heal Me Featuring Megan Chiree – Written by David Gift, Produced by Ty Rose

The Concept

“Fellowsoldier” is a Biblical term used in the Holy Bible. It means co-campaigner.  Someone who assists or helps.  And that’s what I’m trying to do by spreading the Gospel through Light Musick to the world with the help of the Holy Spirit in the name of JESUS CHRIST.

The intro track is a real hard Hip Hop beat where I’m showing listeners where I stand as an artist. From there we go into a beat that I think has a nice international sound where I’m praising GOD.  Next, is a song about how I see life. It’s all about love, sacrifice, & memories. Following, is a real mellow song acknowledging that I see the LORD in everything and it is HE who gets all the glory. Amen. After that is a Dub Step beat that’s me listing my grandiose dreams. Lastly, we conclude the project with a Gospel the LORD gave to me and the world gets to hear the beautiful voice of Megan Chiree. We end this song, which is really a prayer for the world, with a sweet duet.


As always be safe, be blessed, and be happy. Please Share, Tweet, Comment and RePost. Thank you for supporting the Light Musick Movement.


David Gift

P.S. Special thanks to my wonderful mother Ann Moses for all her efforts, love, time, and energy put towards this project. I couldn’t have done it with out you Mom, we did it!!! 💕


New Music: “Gusto”

Released 8 days ago on our SoundCloud, Audiomack and YouTube Channels.  Please Subscribe.


After “A Few Prayers Ago” we decided not to release any more singles until the release of the forthcoming Fellowsoldier EP.  But, when I came across this nice beat I had to write something to it. And “Gusto” was born.


On the beginning of this track I explain the struggle to continue this Light Musick Movement.  I spoke of this in a previous post “Word Exchange Physical Copies: The Struggle.”  “The game is money.”  Some of the last words my Dad, rest his soul, spoke to me in a letter.  Without it or an outlet to get it you’re kinda stuck in the mud moving in slow motion.  I can sale air to a bird, but when your freedom and livelihood is jeopardized in the pursuit of sales, it’s not worth it.  So, where do I turn?

The Bigger Picture

GOD will give you exactly what you need when you need it most.  Amen.  As I was debating whether to throw in the towel and walk away from this music the LORD put a person in my path who encouraged me to keep going.  She said it’s all about why are you doing it. That’s what’s going to get you through.

I realized at that moment my purpose is bigger than my struggles.  The goal has always been to reach people with the Gospel in a new musical way to compel someone to get to know JESUS.  And HE put these gifts in me to glorify HIM.  So, that is what I must do.  I’m going for the gusto.


As always be safe, be blessed, and be happy.


David Gift

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New Music: “A Few Prayers Ago”

Released June 4th on our SoundCloud and Audiomack Channels.


“I love the music bro.  It’s so strong and powerful that I needed to hear it cause things aren’t great or good but I have to keep praying.” -J.M.

“I was blessed bruh real music I can appreciate.  I shared your song.” – J.C.

“Phenomenal job!” – Jane

“I really like this track. Dope work!!” – Lori

“That was nice.” – Reese

The Message

On “A Few Prayers Ago” the intro starts out by saying how in life you never really know what kind of situation you’ll end up in.  But you have to pray through it.  That’s the whole idea.  Praying at all times for everything you need in life.  And how even when you just prayed a prayer and things were going well, but now you’re not sure, so you just gotta be still to know the LORD’s will for your life or what you should do at that moment.  Prayer changes everything.



I am eternally grateful for the wonderful reviews of this song.  Be on the look out for the video and the Fellowsoldier EP coming soon.

As always be blessed, be safe, and be happy.


David Gift

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New Music Video: “I Just…”

Released yesterday on all our platforms including LightMusick.com, Instagram, and YouTube. Subscribe to our channel.

The Goal

Our next big project is the Fellowsoldier EP coming soon.  “I Just…” is the 9th single this year geared towards this effort.  Every new song is a big push to generate anticipation and excitement for this release.  We strongly believe this approach will pay off.  The more people that see and hear about it the more our fan base will grow and the more connections we will make.

The Process

I’ve been wanting to make my own music video for some time now.  I knew I had all the tools necessary for the job; i.e. Android smartphone, laptop, editing software, an eye for detail, etc.  As my dear Mom says: “Use what’s in front of you.” -Ann Moses

So, Sunday night I embarked on this new journey.  The process was both challenging and rewarding.  It was exciting to see my first visual piece come to life!  Nonetheless, a Director debut success, in my humble estimations.

The first challenge was figuring out how to “trim” video clips in the editor. This was something that I knew was possible, but I hadn’t succeeded in prior attempts.  Once I figured this out, everything else was down hill.  From there, it was only a matter of syncing the footage with the song.  Amazing what a little encouragement can do.

Creative Angle

Going into the project after watching probably thousands of videos, movies, and commercials of various kinds I knew I wanted to accentuate certain words and phrases in the song.

I also knew I wanted to utilize the “lyric video” concept some how in the hook or chorus of the song. After brief research of how to do this I took a more simplistic approach that had the same impact.

I had some additional tools for animation transitions and visual effects, which were fun to use and helped enhance the video as well.



Thanks for stopping by and as always be safe, be blessed, be happy. 😊

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David Gift


New Music: “I Just…”

Released today on our AudioMack and SoundCloud Channels.

Take a Listen

P vs NP

I’ve been binge watching Elementary on Hulu.  It’s a Sherlock Holmes spin off detective show that has been my go-to for TV the past couple weeks.

One episode is about this unsolved math problem called P vs NP.  I pondered the thought of pursuing this problem in attempts to win the $1M prize, critical acclaim, and hopefully an honorary doctorate.  Why?  Because I think I can solve any problem I fully understand and math has always been my favorite subject.

But this would put my music career at odds.  Thankfully, the Holy Spirit led me to continue pursuing Light Musick.

The Challenge

Once I realized not to pursue P vs NP it was almost as if I was testing myself to see if I could write something new and comparable to the quality of music I’ve put out thus far.

I know writing music, among other things, is one of my gifts.  So, I wrote “I Just…” and I feel it holds up to my standards.

Cover Art

I chose to use a picture that popped up on my desktop of two Puffin birds.  The chorus is singing about flying like a bird lol.  I hope you like this piece.

Thanks for visiting.  Stop back by for more music and posts.  Feel free to peruse older posts to listen to other recent music releases.

As always be safe, be blessed, and be happy.

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David Gift

New Music: “I see YOU”

Released last night on my SoundCloud and Audiomack Channels.

TaKe A LiSTen

The Process

I was listening to More Life by Drake yesterday evening and just catchin’ a vibe. After a while I was ready to create my next song as I continue to generate some buzz for my Fellowsoldier EP coming soon. The search for the perfect beat began once again.

I happen to come across something real nice. It’s a very mellow relaxed track. I started writing immediately. This time though, I was really flowing. Normally the words come easy to me. But this time it seemed a little more effortless to the point that I didn’t want to stop writing the verse when it was time to write the chorus.

From there I laid it down. Did the verses in one take after a quick mic check. I think it came out quite beautiful. Thank YOU LORD for this gift. Amen.

As always, be safe, be blessed, and be happy.

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David Gift


Word Exchange Physical Copies – The Struggle

It Was All A Dream…

If you follow me on social media you may have saw me post a video very happily receiving and opening my first shipment of my debut Album Word Exchange in physical copy form.  Take a look at a major milestone in my career as an independent Christian Hip Hop artist here.


I hit the streets of Atlanta in my neighborhood of College Park very eagerly to try and sale some units.  It started off great with my Uncle Tony being my very first customer, who actually pre-ordered 2 copies all the way from back home in Pittsburgh, PA.  Bless his heart and I’m so grateful for his support.  I then would post-up at local shopping malls and plaza’s to hustle my album.  This is my dream we’re talking about here.  To finally receive money for the years of hard work I’ve put in was literally a dream come true.  Thank you so much to everyone that gave anything.  Even words of encouragement meant a lot to me.

So for about a month I would pound the pavement and accept donations and money in exchange for my album or a business card telling people where they could download the free digital version at LightMusick.com

The most rewarding part of this experience was when a couple people allowed me to pray with them right on the spot.  That was awesome just for total strangers to share what they were going through and that I could offer a prayer to comfort them.  To GOD be the glory.  Special thanks to my Mom for pointing out this key aspect of ministry.


Unexpectedly, I encountered private security agencies that would patrol the areas I would be trying to sale my album in.  They would tell me I can’t sale my album on their property or no soliciting or no loitering and I’d have to leave.  After a few of these warning confrontations the Holy Spirit led me to alter the way I was doing business.  My temporary solution was to post-up in low volume foot traffic areas.  Which would mean less sales or donations, but also less harassment by the authorities.  So, I tried this approach until today.

It’s Over Now


After talking this issue over with my team the Holy Spirit led me to ask local police officers the policies and punishment for selling CD’s in Atlanta. Well, I was told that there was a zero tolerance for soliciting on Marta property by Marta Police and pretty much the same thing by the Atlanta Police – it’s illegal and they wouldn’t hesitate to give me a physical arrest and take me straight to jail.  My ship had docked.

That was enough information for me to be smart about the situation and abandon my efforts to sale my albums in the streets.  Ironically, I was talking with another Marta patron the same day and she told me the same thing.  She saw the Marta Police arrest a guy who was selling clothes.

Even though I am doing something positive there is always red tape, which is sad, but true.

But GOD is a keeper!

I just thank GOD I was attentive to the voice and presence of the Holy Spirit and obedient in following HIS lead.  Because honestly I could have gotten arrested a couple times in the few weeks I was selling my album, but GOD is a keeper!  Amen!

Thanks for stopping by and as always be safe, be blessed, and be happy.  Keep in mind my new EP Fellowsoldier is Coming Soon.

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David Gift