Historical Day for Hip Hop!


Late last night was arguably the best beat battle between super producers Swizz Beatz and Just Blaze.  It was every bit of an epic moment for Hip Hop fans everywhere.

I stumbled on this event on Twitter by chance thank GOD!  The entire battle was streaming FREE on YouTube Live, Instagram Live and other places.  I watched it on the former.  Before last night I didn’t even know you could do YouTube Live lol.


When I joined the live stream it was almost over.  The whole thing lasted over 2 hours.  I saw about 4 rounds.  Just Blaze was playing his hits and Swizz was playing his; both added improvisation and emceeing to spice things up and put a new spin on their already masterpieces.

I was reading the live chat and fans were weighing in heavy putting each producer in their win or loss column.  There was over 2,000 people viewing the event so the comments were rolling.

The final blow came from Swizz when he played his final production, which was an unreleased joint with Nas, Jay Z, DMX and Jadakiss.  It started off sounding crazy good with Nas saying “Escobar season has return.”  You gotta hear this man!  And Swizz was throwing in a subtle ad lib here and there with his mix.  I was like what is this I’m hearing?  It was AWESOME.  Swizz finished Just Blaze off with a haymaker lol.  K.O. it was over.  I don’t think Just Blaze could’ve even matched Swizz level at that point.  It was that strong.  This is what I posted on my Instagram @LightMusick


On a chill Friday night that I needed some entertainment all that happened.  And yes at the end Just Blaze asthma really did flare up lol.

Watch for Yourself

This video was posted to the Hot 97 YouTube Channel moments after the battle ended.  



Shots also fired today from rapper Remy Ma directly at Niki Minaj on her new diss record called “shETHER.”  Let me just tell you Niki gotta respond to this.  I knew this was going to happen.  Remy spit over the classic Nas beat used for “Ether.”

I got the notification from Audiomack and was geeked to hear it.  The diss track is like 7 minutes long.  Immediately I went to Twitter to see the reactions.  They were hysterical lol.  Next, I had to go to Niki Minaj Instagram page to see what she did to set Remy off.  What I found was a post of Remy Ma and Fat Joe new Album Plato O Plomo sales.  Basically, Niki was clowning Remy with that post because they had tremendously low sales in their first week. Niki commented “Yikes.”


I was super excited as I listened to the whole record.  I was laughing at some points, like “geesh” at other parts, and overall the whole jam was gutter.  Remy spit some unknown facts about Niki mixed with her opinions of course and that was a cool approach.  Overall it was gulley straight up and down.

Here is where I think the diss track was lacking: style, arrangement, and beat selection.  Remy’s lyrics were tight, but she didn’t show a lot of swag on the track, if any.  Her punch lines just ran together, which took away from the track and made it less exciting.  And that’s where I think her arrangement could’ve been better because there was no hook.  Lastly, she used Nas’ CLASSIC beat, which only he could have delivered so well on.

I began to think about Drake’s battle with Meek and how “Back 2 Back” was new, fresh, catchy, yet still potent.  I think Niki will definitely use this same approach for her response if and when she responds, but basically she has to.  Her whole reputation is on the line.  Do it for Hip Hop Niki.

Personally, I think Niki is a better rapper than Remy Ma and could literally destroy Remy if she wants to.  I just can’t wait to see that!

Listen for Yourself



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David Gift


New Music: “Love, Sacrifice, & Memories”




Something new for the world just dropped on my SoundCloud and Audiomack Channels yesterday!  I’m really feeling this one as I drop new tracks every month up until the release of my next major project Fellowsoldier EP.

The Spark

I found a really profound line in my previous release “LORD Have Mercy” or at least I think so lol.  When I said “… now I’m moving into infinity.  I see life differently.  It’s all about love, sacrifice, and memories…”  I pondered that line for days and even posted it on all my social media networks.  It’s weird, when I wrote it, I just thought it was a cool line.  But the more I thought about my summation of life it dawned on me what else is there really?

And I think my view on life is slightly different from the norm.  For one, I’ve never heard this perspective from anyone else.  It’s not something I read or got from conversations or anything.  I believe when I wrote it the Holy Spirit was speaking to me and gave me a jewel, a seed to plant if you will, that was true to me.  Thank YOU LORD!


So I came across this hard FREE beat.  I was feeling it and decided to extend my address of this thought I shared on “LORD Have Mercy,” which was that love, sacrifice, and memories is how I see life differently.

Originally, I wanted to spit 3 verses, each touching the 3 topics.  But, I only had enough space on the song for 2 verses.  This forced me to combine 2 of the topics; sacrifice and memories, on the second verse.  And the hook was pretty simple, yet strong, since I was literally biting myself lol.


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David Gift

New Music: “LORD Have Mercy”


croppedscreenshot_1486251740736_Released 2/4/2017 on my SoundCloud and Audiomack Channels.

The Motivation

Driving forces behind “LORD Have Mercy” were strictly in regard to me using my gifts, talents, and resources fully with more consistency in attempts to gain a wider fan base as I approach the release of my next project Fellowsoldier EP.  Coming Soon!

The Content

I was actually inspired by Big Sean’s Funkmaster Flex most recent freestyle.  I want to see Sean win.  And that led me to listen to his new album.  He is certainly a lyricist and that’s what excites me about Hip Hop.  Along with good production.

As far as my bars are concerned.  I stuck to the script.  Just tried to push myself lyrically with my word choices and rhyme schemes.  My intent for these verses is to encourage and hopefully compel a listener to want to get to know JESUS.  “I’m just planting seeds.  I’m just saying my peace.”  The hook ties into the message of the song because with out the LORD’S mercy what do you really have?  Not much.

Take a Listen

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David Gift

New Music: “Winning Streak”



My new single “Winning Streak” is out now to propel the Light Musick Movement one step further and continue to spread the Gospel.

A Light Bulb Went Off

The idea for the song came from playing NBA Live on my Android phone lol. I’d win like 7 or 8 games straight and after the second one I’d be saying “We on a winning streak.” I play with the Warriors by the way. S/O DubNation! That’s my all-time favorite NBA team. I’m a huge fan.

My Process

I began to ponder that saying as a topic for a song. I’m thinking it’s super relateable and I’ve never heard that phrase used as the focus or title of any song before. So I ran with it.

Next, I started beat shopping. Producers hit me up all the time on social media and I listen to everything. So I came across this track produced by Bulg Productions online and I immediately liked it. It was different; kinda old school cause it has a jazzy vibe to it with a mean piano melody and a groovy base line. A real traditional Hip Hop beat.

After that I played it on my monitors over and over again to let it soak in. And that’s when I started writing. I wrote the song in 25 minutes. I was led by the Holy Spirit to express this message to the masses. And I think it has a lot of potential.

After that I sat on it for about a month, but I knew then that this could be a game changer for the Light Musick Movement. Once I had the funds I bought the beat and layed down the track in my home studio. Because I’m working with limited resources I knew I would need to either get in a full scale studio or get the track mixed and mastered to improve the quality. So I went with Plan B because it was the only option in the tight budget lol.

This song was co-produced and engineered by super producer David E. Maxwell. I sent it to him and he squeezed in some time to enhance the track. He sent it back to me the next day after overcoming some challenges we were having with it. And his mix is night and day. Of course there are still opportunities, but I’m following my dear Mom’s advice of “Use what’s in front of you.”-Ann Moses And there you have it. A masterpiece was born.

The Message

I want to convey to listeners that if you have some basic things in life you’re winning. And when these things happen on a daily basis you’re on a “Winning Streak”.

Simple things like waking up, eating, having shoes, a phone, and a roof over your head should never be taken for granted. Because there are MANY people living without any of that. Somebody didn’t wake up this morning. Someone is starving, barefoot and homeless with no way to communicate.

Most importantly, if you have JESUS CHRIST you are definitely on a long eternal “Winning Streak” because HE only wants the absolute best for you here on earth and in Heaven, which is where you go when you die after you’ve accepted HIM as LORD and Saviour of your life.

So “Winning Streak” is the new Light Musick Anthem to celebrate your life and be content with what you do have right now. Because the best is yet to come. It truly gets greater later. This is a great song to bring in the New Year with. In 2017 keep winning. I’m super excited about this one!

The Cover

After the release of my debut album Word Exchange, which is free to download at LightMusick.com, Soundcloud, Noisetrade.com or Audiomack, I decided to go in a different creative direction. So I went with the approach to brand myself and my artistic style in the best way. The concept behind this cover was to put my name and face out there plus incorporate my David Gift Splatter Paint Wear into it.

Once I knew those things the next step was all about selection. Which piece of my splatter paint art would I use and in what way? Also, how would I want my face positioned and at what angle? Also how would my hair and facial hair be?

The holy Spirit led me to all those answers. And the finished product came out awesome. To GOD be the glory.

But I didn’t do it alone. I utilized my strongest contacts to make this happen. Stylist: Tracy @ Locs of Love in College Park, GA                                                         Graphic Designer and Photographer: Patrick Foley @huedproductions

The Release

“Winning Streak” is set to be distributed in the coming week to the following digital media stores:

iTunes, YouTube Art Tracks, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, Deezer, Groove, Rhapsody, eMusic, Simfy Africa, iHeartRadio, MediaNet, VerveLife, Tidal, Gracenote, Shazam, 7Digital, Juke, Slacker, Guvera, KKBox, Akazoo, Anghami, Spinlet, Neurotic Media, Yandex, Target Music, ClaroMusica, Zvooq, Saavn, 8tracks, NMusic, Q.Sic, Cur, Musicload and Kuack

These stores all operate on different schedules so for an independent artist such as myself we’ll just have to wait until it arrives. But it’s in iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play NOW!

This will be my first song in these digital stores so this is a big deal people. With Chance the Rapper, another independent artist I’m a fan of, being nominated for 7 Grammy’s off his free mix tape Coloring Book the skies the limits. He certainly changed the game.


Keep ya ears and eyes open like JESUS just came back cause “Winning Streak” is OUT NOW.  Get it here!

As always, be blessed, be safe and be happy.

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David Gift









The Rise and Fall of Kanye West


Kayne blessed listeners with some of the dopest beats and catchiest lyrics from She got a light skin friend, look like Michael Jackson.  Got a dark skin friend, look like Michael Jackson. To JE-SUS walks, GOD show me a sign cause the devil tryna break me down…  Then him and Jay-Z gave us arguably one of the best collaboration albums with Watch the Throne.  And after that it got a little weird with the release of his Yeezus Album.

At the beginning of 2016 it looked like Ye was about to make a strong return to the music with his The Life of Pablo Album.  And then that release was a catastrophe.  From download issues to exclusivity issues and lastly the constant remastering of the album.  Yet, the music sounded like vintage Ye.  There are a few songs on there I rock to.

But two days ago, November 21, 2016, Kanye West was hospitalized for exhaustion.  Social media labeled his condition as mental health related, yet I haven’t seen anything concrete to support that other than he was handcuffed to a bed.  This serious incident comes immediately after Ye went on one of his traditional rants at his show in San Jose or Sacramento.  He went on to talk about how he and Jay-Z need to talk, some feelings about Beyonce, and announcing that he didn’t vote in this year’s election, but he would have voted for Trump.  Black fans were a little outraged when he told us not to focus on racism so much also.  And he cancelled the remainder of his national Saint Pablo tour.

So, as a Kanye fan all I can do is post #PrayForKayne and do just that.

Ye went on a previous rant saying  Jay-Z’s kid and his kid never even played together.  And his wife Kim Kardashian was the victim of an armed robbery earlier too.  Prior, I’ve heard speculation that their marriage may be on the rocks because she was seen on a beach without her wedding ring.  But Kim skipped the Angel Ball in N.Y.C. to be with Kanye at the hospital.  So, it sounds like they are still tight.  And I hope so.

However, one must look at Kanye’s situation from a spiritual perspective.  He’s had some traumatic experiences in his life.  From him being in a bad car accident that required his whole mouth to be wired shut to his own mother passing away.  These earlier incidents left Kanye in different mental states.  The car accident he survived told him GOD has a bigger purpose for his life.  The passing of his mother left Kanye in a depression state.  So, if he has never healed from those things alone he is truly in need of some medical attention.

As a person diagnosed with a mental illness- Bipolar I. Kanye shows signs of being bipolar.  His rants are almost manic episodes if you will.  And there is medicine that can stabilize him.  But I’m no doctor.  I’m just praying for the brother.  Let the healing begin.

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By David Gift

Word Exchange Album – OUT NOW!

It’s Here baby!

Yes, yes, yes.  On September 1, 2016 I released my debut Album Word Exchange from LightMusick.com via noisetrade.com for FREE!  You can download it for FREE from LightMusick.com, Noisetrade, Soundcloud, or Audiomack plus the full album is on YouTube.com and Facebook.com

So it is officially out there.  The Holy Spirit led me to release it for FREE because I was reading one of my daily devotionals and I came across the Scripture …sell your possessions and give to the needy…  So I agreed with that verse and felt that there is a need for the messages I’m conveying on Word Exchange.  I can only hope that someone gains anything from the experiences, lessons, and hope JESUS showed me.

This project took over 5 years to complete.  Nonetheless, to GOD be the glory it is done.

I’m very happy and excited for this accomplishment.  It is another effort to propel the Light Musick Movement forward and spread the Gospel in hopes of bringing more people to CHRIST.  I couldn’t have done any of it without JESUS.  HE put these desires in my heart and lead me every step of the way.  So it is to HIM I am truly thankful.

ATL Weekend of Hope 9/17/2016

The big outreach I had the pleasure of helping with was a success!  Fewer came than expected, but many lives were touched with love from CityReach Church Atlanta SouthWest in East Point, GA at Milner Athletic Complex.

I performed in front of my biggest crowd to date thanks to Pastor Gus Tidlund and Maya from Trackstarz.com  And I had presentation duty running the slide show, which was fun.   It was nice to meet other Christian Hip Hop artists and see them perform.  I feel like Trackstarz and I may be teaming up again one day.

On Sunday the launch Service was special.  It rained, but people still came to give the LORD their time and praise HIM.  It started with a prayer circle in the red Georgia clay before we went into the big white tent.  The message was about the lady at the well.  And what surprised me is Pastor Gus didn’t even collect an offering.  Plus all the remaining groceries that weren’t distributed the day before he hand delivered to people in the East Point Community with the help of volunteers.

I like my new church home.  And I appreciate the role I serve in using technology to build the slide show presentations.  I always wanted a church home.  The LORD says HE will give you the desires of your heart.  Thank YOU LORD.


Next Steps

Now that the Album is out, my book The Prisoner’s Guide to Doing Time is out the next step is to promote, promote, promote.

I have already released two videos from the Word Exchange Project.  However, I would like to release a third.  And I think the most influential song from this Album is LORD Help Me Please.  So that’s the goal although I’ve already started on my next Album or EP Fellowsoldier.  

So that’s the gist of how things are going.  Thanks for visiting and be sure to check back for more.  Don’t forget to Like, Share, Tweet, and Follow.

And as always, be safe, be blessed, and be happy.


David Gift




The Prisoner’s Guide to Doing Time


I released my first E-Book!

The Prisoner’s Guide to Doing Time by David Gift.  I’m a published indie author!  Praise GOD!  It’s available on Smashwords.com, Apple iBooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble.com and other retailers for only $3.99  Get your copy today!

The Process

I wrote this book when I was in “the hole” or solitary confinement during the last months of my “bid”.  And the Holy Spirit was helping me put it all together.  It came out nice.  I’m satisfied with my first book.  And I hope it will be a blessing to someone in need of this type of information.  To GOD be the glory.  Amen.


If you’re reading this you’re either in prison, going to prison, been to prison or curious about prison. Regardless, welcome to “The Chain Gang.” I’m about to give my personal experiences, testimony, do’s & don’ts and the purpose of any confinement whether county, state, or federal from my opinion.

The Journey Continues

Just thought I’d drop a few lines to put the good news about my E-Book over here for people to discover.  Thanks for visiting and come on back.  Don’t forget to please Share, Like, Comment, and/or Tweet.

As always, be blessed, be safe and be happy.


David Gift


New Direction->

Release Canceled

If you guys noticed the September 4th release date for Word Exchange has been canceled. I just have some other matters to handle and the timing just wasn’t right. But it’s coming soon. I can’t wait.

Promoting CHRIST!

That’s the new direction we’re taking at LightMusick.com to further the Kingdom first and also spread love while propelling the Light Musick movement.

I’ve been tweaking the home page recently. Because I serve a GOD of excellence, and I want to display this musick ministry in the best way possible.

Some new features we’re looking to add are: 

  • Inspirational posts
  • More Scriptures
  • Bible Topics
  • Fun Facts
  • Cooking with David Gift
  • Splatter Paint Gallery
  • And More

In Sum

The LORD touched me and chastised me about this. So I have to get this right with the Help of the Holy Spirit. Pray for me y’all. Just a bump in the road that never ends for a Believer. My GOD is AWESOME!

Remember, be safe, be blessed and be happy.


David Gift 20160817_195225


Word Exchange Album – Complete!

It’s been a long time coming… Like 5 years in the making.  But it is finally complete!  Thank YOU LORD for allowing me to make it this far in spreading YOUR Holy Word in JESUS Mighty Name.  Amen.

I originally had a plan to incorporate an additional track called “New Ager”  But I decided to save that song for my next album Fellowsoldier.  I feel like it will be a better fit for that album.  The Holy Spirit led me to the decision.

So in total I have a 15 track Word Exchange Album.  Including an Intro called “Resurgence,” which is a real “ripper” as I call these types of songs, which is a song where you are really showcasing your lyrical ability.  It really sets the tone of the album.  And the album includes an Outro called “Gift,” which is a sweet poem dedicated to JESUS.  You can hear some of the album already on my soundcloud page.

I have a working sequence of the album:



Intro: Resurgence

  1. Grace
  2. Better
  3. The Whole Nine
  4. I Grind
  5. LORD Help Me Please
  6. The Good Pass Young
  7. Silver Lining
  8. Truthside
  9. The Holy Pen
  10. Liars
  11. We Goin’ Up
  12. Live Light Language

Outro: Gift

So that’s where I am people.  My next task is to get the whole album mixed and mastered, which is pricey for an Indie Artist.  But it’s all about getting the best sound quality so that this body of work sounds crispy.

After that I have to get my album cover, displayed above, which I designed, edited to read David Gift. Because that’s my new name. #Done

Finally, it’s time to distribute into all digital music stores i.e. iTuens, Amazon Music, Google Play, etc. or a different way.

Releasing this album will mean a lot to me people.  This movement started in a prison cell about 5 years ago when I was a babe in CHRIST.  I picked the songs above from two collections of over 100 songs combined.  I’ve had problems recording with a person and lost money on hours of studio time and couldn’t even use half of the songs I recorded for the album.  I’ve bought beats that turned out not being a good fit for this project.  I had to delete an expensive video off line because it had the wrong track to it and I refused to continue to allow a snake to get any glorification after being coerced into those vocals.  I also got played on a internet radio station I was suppose to interview at.  So the struggle has been real on top of everyday life issues.

But, for the last 3 months I’ve been ministering through my musick at CityReach Church Atlanta Southwest Block Parties in East Point, GA.  Last year I did get some radio play of “The Good Pass Young” on an internet radio station up north.  The site LightMusick.com has had an increase in visitors for the last two months straight.  And the site has 293 Facebook Likes, which is nearly triple we had in 2015!

So it’s all good!  The journey to spread the Gospel continues…

Thanks for stopping by.  And as always be safe, be blessed, and be happy.


David Gift

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