Fellowsoldier EP – “I Thank The LORD” Song Backstory

Gotta Thank GOD!

If you haven’t thanked the LORD yet what are you waiting on!?

The Holy Bible has a Scripture about this. And this is JESUS speaking: For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he shall come in his own glory, and in his Father’s, and of the holy angels. LUKE 9:26 K.J.V. Amen.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want GOD to be ashamed of me for any reason- ever.

So that was kinda the premise for this song on the Fellowsoldier EP- OUT NOW. I just wanted to add a true praise and worship song to the Light Musick Genre catalog.

I saw a Facebook video about a chapel that was being forced to remove the cross from the top of the building. And all the Bibles had to also be removed. A true travesty. The school gave in to the demands instead of possibly being sued. I felt bad after watching that. We as believers can not give into the enemy in any way, shape, form, or fashion ever.

So this song is me being unashamed of my faith in my LORD and Saviour JESUS CHRIST.

Song Mechanics

I wrote this song early in 2016 originally to a beat by a producer I was working with at the time. It took me literally 5 minutes to write the then 2/3s of the song. I added a 3rd verse this year plus a vamp. And by this time I was gravitating towards a different sound for this cut.

I stumbled upon this instrumental from a guy I hadn’t heard of before named Josh Petruccio. Immediately I loved it and married the lyrics to it. To me it has an international sound. Like I can see my brothers and sisters in Africa vibin’ to it heavy lol. And I’ve studied the music industry and how songs break, crossover and spread like wildfire for decades. So I feel like this song has that type of potential.


A friend of mine named Skinny from St. Louis, MO heard this and got hype. He was like: “That’s dope right there. That’s the one!” So I’m just blessed to have the ability to create in a way that impacts people positively. Skinny also gave me a jackpot of an idea in that moment. He suggested I combine the video for “I Thank The LORD” which is coming soon, with the intro song “I Just Kick It.” At first I was reluctant to accept that. But after pondering the concept for a while that’s definitely the new plan. I’ve always liked those type of videos anyway. Thanks Skinny!

Rap Up

We’ve been diligently planning this video for about 6 months now. Basically every since I heard the Josh Petruccio instrumental used for it. And I have some ideas that I pray turn out lit. But I believe they will. So be on the look out for that. It’ll be my 2nd music video I produced and directed.

Stream or Purchase

Available in iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Tidal and other digital music stores.


As always be safe, be blessed and be happy. Please Share, Like, and/or Comment.


David Gift

P.S. Fellowsoldier is a Biblical word. It means co-campaigner. Someone who assists. A helper.


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