Fellowsoldier EP – “I Just Kick It” Song Backstory


It is of the LORD’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness. LAMENTATIONS 3:22-23 K.J.V. Amen.

“It’s a new day. New beginning. Worth Spending. I thank, I thank GOD I’m living.” Is the main idea and hook supporting this song. Just to emphasize how valuable each day is. Every day is a blessing from the LORD and what we do with that day is our blessing to HIM. Amen.

So I wrote this last year, 2016, while I was actually working on my debut album Word Exchange.

The song was always visualized as an intro song to a project. Because the hook is talking about it being a new day with new possibilities, opportunities, and everything. And just being thankful to GOD for being alive. So what better way to jump start a project.

The Body Top to Bottom

The title came directly from the text of the lyrics when I spit the line: “Prosperity No delay. I just kick it like Pelé.” Pelé is known as arguably the worlds best football a.k.a. soccer player of all time. So it’s a metaphor about my affinity for soccer, appreciation for Pelé and how I’m kicking prosperity in Light Musick, our version of Christian Hip Hop. Sometimes as a writer and fan of word play in general when I hear a super dope verse, line, or metaphor I get excited! And that was the feeling I had when that standout lyric came about. So from that stand point it had to be the title of the whole song.

But also the lyrical potency of the entire song is just a great display of my lyricism and ability to write songs. I wrote this song on a piece of paper while riding a bus I believe.

Next, the beat selection was really what took the production of this piece to a new level. I’m always listening to all different kinds of beats from many producers all over the world. It was nothing more than GOD’S perfect timing which led me to what we used on “I Just Kick It.” Because a few other beats were chosen prior. Bulg Productions has some real classic Hip Hop beats man. And when I heard it. I immediately paired the two.

The story behind the actual lyrics is a mixture of a little bit of braggadocio, but not in an arrogant manner, and style combined with a strong message about not only the importance of CHRIST in ones life, but also the greatness only HE can provide.

Lastly, I explain the definition of the title of the EP in this intro track. Fellowsoldier is a Biblical word. It means co-campaigner. Someone who assists. A helper.


I was so eager and pumped to record this track man. This one was recorded in my townhouse in my home studio. As I aspire to do with all my songs, I recorded this song in 1 take. I didn’t want too many ad-libs or extra words. I really just wanted to let the lyrics coupled with the beat speak for themselves. This was actually the approach to the whole project. But there was a space to freestyle some ad-libs towards the end as I gave the definition of the title of the EP.

So far this has been the most played song on the project. I highly recommend it. Take a listen for yourself.

Fellowsoldier Definition Design.png

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As always be safe, be blessed and be happy. Please Share, Like, and/or Comment.


David Gift

#Christ4Crisis 🙏


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