New Music: ‘Fellowsoldier’ EP Released!

Released today on for FREE download and our Soundcloud and Audiomack Channels.

Thank YOU JESUS!!!!!!!

It has arrived by nothing but the grace of GOD.  We’ve been working on the Fellowsoldier EP Project for over a year now and it is finally here halleluyah!

Track List & Credits

  1. David Gift – I Just Kick It – Written by David Gift, Produced by Bulg Productions
  2. David Gift – I Thank The LORD – Written by David Gift, Produced by Josh Petruccio
  3. David Gift – Love, Sacrifice, & Memories – Written by David Gift, Produced by Skeyez
  4. David Gift – I See YOU – Written by David Gift, Produced by Young Taylor
  5. David Gift – Sweet Dreamin – Written by David Gift, Produced by MOS3S
  6. David Gift – Heal Me Featuring Megan Chiree – Written by David Gift, Produced by Ty Rose

The Concept

“Fellowsoldier” is a Biblical term used in the Holy Bible. It means co-campaigner.  Someone who assists or helps.  And that’s what I’m trying to do by spreading the Gospel through Light Musick to the world with the help of the Holy Spirit in the name of JESUS CHRIST.

The intro track is a real hard Hip Hop beat where I’m showing listeners where I stand as an artist. From there we go into a beat that I think has a nice international sound where I’m praising GOD.  Next, is a song about how I see life. It’s all about love, sacrifice, & memories. Following, is a real mellow song acknowledging that I see the LORD in everything and it is HE who gets all the glory. Amen. After that is a Dub Step beat that’s me listing my grandiose dreams. Lastly, we conclude the project with a Gospel the LORD gave to me and the world gets to hear the beautiful voice of Megan Chiree. We end this song, which is really a prayer for the world, with a sweet duet.


As always be safe, be blessed, and be happy. Please Share, Tweet, Comment and RePost. Thank you for supporting the Light Musick Movement.


David Gift

P.S. Special thanks to my wonderful mother Ann Moses for all her efforts, love, time, and energy put towards this project. I couldn’t have done it with out you Mom, we did it!!! 💕



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