New Music: “A Few Prayers Ago”

Released June 4th on our SoundCloud and Audiomack Channels.


“I love the music bro.  It’s so strong and powerful that I needed to hear it cause things aren’t great or good but I have to keep praying.” -J.M.

“I was blessed bruh real music I can appreciate.  I shared your song.” – J.C.

“Phenomenal job!” – Jane

“I really like this track. Dope work!!” – Lori

“That was nice.” – Reese

The Message

On “A Few Prayers Ago” the intro starts out by saying how in life you never really know what kind of situation you’ll end up in.  But you have to pray through it.  That’s the whole idea.  Praying at all times for everything you need in life.  And how even when you just prayed a prayer and things were going well, but now you’re not sure, so you just gotta be still to know the LORD’s will for your life or what you should do at that moment.  Prayer changes everything.



I am eternally grateful for the wonderful reviews of this song.  Be on the look out for the video and the Fellowsoldier EP coming soon.

As always be blessed, be safe, and be happy.


David Gift

Please Share, Comment, Like, ReBlog, RePost and everything to help spread the awesome work GOD is doing with Light Musick.  Thanks!


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