New Music Video: “I Just…”

Released yesterday on all our platforms including, Instagram, and YouTube. Subscribe to our channel.

The Goal

Our next big project is the Fellowsoldier EP coming soon.  “I Just…” is the 9th single this year geared towards this effort.  Every new song is a big push to generate anticipation and excitement for this release.  We strongly believe this approach will pay off.  The more people that see and hear about it the more our fan base will grow and the more connections we will make.

The Process

I’ve been wanting to make my own music video for some time now.  I knew I had all the tools necessary for the job; i.e. Android smartphone, laptop, editing software, an eye for detail, etc.  As my dear Mom says: “Use what’s in front of you.” -Ann Moses

So, Sunday night I embarked on this new journey.  The process was both challenging and rewarding.  It was exciting to see my first visual piece come to life!  Nonetheless, a Director debut success, in my humble estimations.

The first challenge was figuring out how to “trim” video clips in the editor. This was something that I knew was possible, but I hadn’t succeeded in prior attempts.  Once I figured this out, everything else was down hill.  From there, it was only a matter of syncing the footage with the song.  Amazing what a little encouragement can do.

Creative Angle

Going into the project after watching probably thousands of videos, movies, and commercials of various kinds I knew I wanted to accentuate certain words and phrases in the song.

I also knew I wanted to utilize the “lyric video” concept some how in the hook or chorus of the song. After brief research of how to do this I took a more simplistic approach that had the same impact.

I had some additional tools for animation transitions and visual effects, which were fun to use and helped enhance the video as well.



Thanks for stopping by and as always be safe, be blessed, be happy. 😊

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David Gift



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