New Music: “I Just…”

Released today on our AudioMack and SoundCloud Channels.

Take a Listen

P vs NP

I’ve been binge watching Elementary on Hulu.  It’s a Sherlock Holmes spin off detective show that has been my go-to for TV the past couple weeks.

One episode is about this unsolved math problem called P vs NP.  I pondered the thought of pursuing this problem in attempts to win the $1M prize, critical acclaim, and hopefully an honorary doctorate.  Why?  Because I think I can solve any problem I fully understand and math has always been my favorite subject.

But this would put my music career at odds.  Thankfully, the Holy Spirit led me to continue pursuing Light Musick.

The Challenge

Once I realized not to pursue P vs NP it was almost as if I was testing myself to see if I could write something new and comparable to the quality of music I’ve put out thus far.

I know writing music, among other things, is one of my gifts.  So, I wrote “I Just…” and I feel it holds up to my standards.

Cover Art

I chose to use a picture that popped up on my desktop of two Puffin birds.  The chorus is singing about flying like a bird lol.  I hope you like this piece.

Thanks for visiting.  Stop back by for more music and posts.  Feel free to peruse older posts to listen to other recent music releases.

As always be safe, be blessed, and be happy.

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David Gift


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