New Music: “I see YOU”

Released last night on my SoundCloud and Audiomack Channels.

TaKe A LiSTen

The Process

I was listening to More Life by Drake yesterday evening and just catchin’ a vibe. After a while I was ready to create my next song as I continue to generate some buzz for my Fellowsoldier EP coming soon. The search for the perfect beat began once again.

I happen to come across something real nice. It’s a very mellow relaxed track. I started writing immediately. This time though, I was really flowing. Normally the words come easy to me. But this time it seemed a little more effortless to the point that I didn’t want to stop writing the verse when it was time to write the chorus.

From there I laid it down. Did the verses in one take after a quick mic check. I think it came out quite beautiful. Thank YOU LORD for this gift. Amen.

As always, be safe, be blessed, and be happy.

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David Gift



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