Word Exchange Physical Copies – The Struggle

It Was All A Dream…

If you follow me on social media you may have saw me post a video very happily receiving and opening my first shipment of my debut Album Word Exchange in physical copy form.  Take a look at a major milestone in my career as an independent Christian Hip Hop artist here.


I hit the streets of Atlanta in my neighborhood of College Park very eagerly to try and sale some units.  It started off great with my Uncle Tony being my very first customer, who actually pre-ordered 2 copies all the way from back home in Pittsburgh, PA.  Bless his heart and I’m so grateful for his support.  I then would post-up at local shopping malls and plaza’s to hustle my album.  This is my dream we’re talking about here.  To finally receive money for the years of hard work I’ve put in was literally a dream come true.  Thank you so much to everyone that gave anything.  Even words of encouragement meant a lot to me.

So for about a month I would pound the pavement and accept donations and money in exchange for my album or a business card telling people where they could download the free digital version at LightMusick.com

The most rewarding part of this experience was when a couple people allowed me to pray with them right on the spot.  That was awesome just for total strangers to share what they were going through and that I could offer a prayer to comfort them.  To GOD be the glory.  Special thanks to my Mom for pointing out this key aspect of ministry.


Unexpectedly, I encountered private security agencies that would patrol the areas I would be trying to sale my album in.  They would tell me I can’t sale my album on their property or no soliciting or no loitering and I’d have to leave.  After a few of these warning confrontations the Holy Spirit led me to alter the way I was doing business.  My temporary solution was to post-up in low volume foot traffic areas.  Which would mean less sales or donations, but also less harassment by the authorities.  So, I tried this approach until today.

It’s Over Now


After talking this issue over with my team the Holy Spirit led me to ask local police officers the policies and punishment for selling CD’s in Atlanta. Well, I was told that there was a zero tolerance for soliciting on Marta property by Marta Police and pretty much the same thing by the Atlanta Police – it’s illegal and they wouldn’t hesitate to give me a physical arrest and take me straight to jail.  My ship had docked.

That was enough information for me to be smart about the situation and abandon my efforts to sale my albums in the streets.  Ironically, I was talking with another Marta patron the same day and she told me the same thing.  She saw the Marta Police arrest a guy who was selling clothes.

Even though I am doing something positive there is always red tape, which is sad, but true.

But GOD is a keeper!

I just thank GOD I was attentive to the voice and presence of the Holy Spirit and obedient in following HIS lead.  Because honestly I could have gotten arrested a couple times in the few weeks I was selling my album, but GOD is a keeper!  Amen!

Thanks for stopping by and as always be safe, be blessed, and be happy.  Keep in mind my new EP Fellowsoldier is Coming Soon.

Please Like, Share, Comment, Reblog, Repost and everything to help spread the awesome work GOD is doing with Light Musick.


David Gift



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