New Music: “Work”

Released 3-15-2017 on my Soundcloud and Audiomack Channels

The Motivation

I was actually motivated by my last release “Love, Sacrifice, & Memories.”  I just happen to listen to a snippet of it and got excited.  I was like “Man, I got to record something that’s gonna set the industry on fire!”  And I wanted to continue putting out new music to promote my upcoming Fellowsoldier EP.  So I went looking for a beat and came across a real banger.

After that I started writing and practicing my delivery.  The beat catered towards a certain cadence with my flow.  So I tried to stick to that.  The hook really came first.  The first word that came out of my mouth to this beat was “Work.”  And from there everything just took it’s course with the beautiful help of the Holy Spirit.

The Message

Normally I would classify this type of record as a “ripper,” which is one of those tracks you just let every body know you got bars.  And I even drifted towards that a little when I was writing.  But in the end I wanted this song to not only showcase my lyrical ability, but tell the world why JESUS is my LORD and Saviour in a powerful way.

So I incorporated Scripture with my life and let the world know I’m working to spread the Gospel through Light Musick. I get pretty specific too.  From talking about my Bipolar Disorder, to GOD bringing me out of the Hospital and Prison.  And the hook just completes the whole package to me: “Work.  Tryin’ to survive.  Tryna stay alive.  Everyday I strive.  That’s right I work!”

Final Thoughts

Praise GOD for giving me this talent to write songs and the ability to share it with the world!

Thanks for stopping by and listening to my latest release “Work.”  I’d like to know what you think about it.  Leave me a comment.  And please Like, Share, Reblog and Repost.

As always be safe, be blessed, and be happy.


David Gift



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