Fellowsoldier EP Cover Art

New Cover

Previous Design

After revealing the 1st Cover Art for Fellowsoldier I came to a realization that JESUS is never depicted or mentioned to have smoked cigarettes.  So that was the wrong image to propel.

New Design

This came about the same way actually.  I took a selfie and wanted to bring some focus and emphasis on my splatter paint hat.  After that it was all about using some effects with a program I recently discovered, adding a fitting border, and text.

I like the yellow.  I feel like it will stand out on a cell phone.  I was going for a pop.  And since I’ve heard yellow means friendship this is the perfect color for the content on Fellowsoldier. 

Fellowsoldier Concept

Fellowsoldier is a Biblical word meaning co-campaigner or servant that I found in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.  This EP is my soundtrack to my life.  5 different songs with a skit conversation to my nephew weaved through each of them as I school him on the finer points of life.  Coming Soon!

Thanks for stopping by.  As always, be safe, be happy, and be blessed.

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David Gift



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