Historical Day for Hip Hop!


Late last night was arguably the best beat battle between super producers Swizz Beatz and Just Blaze.  It was every bit of an epic moment for Hip Hop fans everywhere.

I stumbled on this event on Twitter by chance thank GOD!  The entire battle was streaming FREE on YouTube Live, Instagram Live and other places.  I watched it on the former.  Before last night I didn’t even know you could do YouTube Live lol.


When I joined the live stream it was almost over.  The whole thing lasted over 2 hours.  I saw about 4 rounds.  Just Blaze was playing his hits and Swizz was playing his; both added improvisation and emceeing to spice things up and put a new spin on their already masterpieces.

I was reading the live chat and fans were weighing in heavy putting each producer in their win or loss column.  There was over 2,000 people viewing the event so the comments were rolling.

The final blow came from Swizz when he played his final production, which was an unreleased joint with Nas, Jay Z, DMX and Jadakiss.  It started off sounding crazy good with Nas saying “Escobar season has return.”  You gotta hear this man!  And Swizz was throwing in a subtle ad lib here and there with his mix.  I was like what is this I’m hearing?  It was AWESOME.  Swizz finished Just Blaze off with a haymaker lol.  K.O. it was over.  I don’t think Just Blaze could’ve even matched Swizz level at that point.  It was that strong.  This is what I posted on my Instagram @LightMusick


On a chill Friday night that I needed some entertainment all that happened.  And yes at the end Just Blaze asthma really did flare up lol.

Watch for Yourself

This video was posted to the Hot 97 YouTube Channel moments after the battle ended.  



Shots also fired today from rapper Remy Ma directly at Niki Minaj on her new diss record called “shETHER.”  Let me just tell you Niki gotta respond to this.  I knew this was going to happen.  Remy spit over the classic Nas beat used for “Ether.”

I got the notification from Audiomack and was geeked to hear it.  The diss track is like 7 minutes long.  Immediately I went to Twitter to see the reactions.  They were hysterical lol.  Next, I had to go to Niki Minaj Instagram page to see what she did to set Remy off.  What I found was a post of Remy Ma and Fat Joe new Album Plato O Plomo sales.  Basically, Niki was clowning Remy with that post because they had tremendously low sales in their first week. Niki commented “Yikes.”


I was super excited as I listened to the whole record.  I was laughing at some points, like “geesh” at other parts, and overall the whole jam was gutter.  Remy spit some unknown facts about Niki mixed with her opinions of course and that was a cool approach.  Overall it was gulley straight up and down.

Here is where I think the diss track was lacking: style, arrangement, and beat selection.  Remy’s lyrics were tight, but she didn’t show a lot of swag on the track, if any.  Her punch lines just ran together, which took away from the track and made it less exciting.  And that’s where I think her arrangement could’ve been better because there was no hook.  Lastly, she used Nas’ CLASSIC beat, which only he could have delivered so well on.

I began to think about Drake’s battle with Meek and how “Back 2 Back” was new, fresh, catchy, yet still potent.  I think Niki will definitely use this same approach for her response if and when she responds, but basically she has to.  Her whole reputation is on the line.  Do it for Hip Hop Niki.

Personally, I think Niki is a better rapper than Remy Ma and could literally destroy Remy if she wants to.  I just can’t wait to see that!

Listen for Yourself



Thanks for stopping by.  Until next time be safe, be happy, and be blessed.

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David Gift



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