New Music: “Love, Sacrifice, & Memories”




Something new for the world just dropped on my SoundCloud and Audiomack Channels yesterday!  I’m really feeling this one as I drop new tracks every month up until the release of my next major project Fellowsoldier EP.

The Spark

I found a really profound line in my previous release “LORD Have Mercy” or at least I think so lol.  When I said “… now I’m moving into infinity.  I see life differently.  It’s all about love, sacrifice, and memories…”  I pondered that line for days and even posted it on all my social media networks.  It’s weird, when I wrote it, I just thought it was a cool line.  But the more I thought about my summation of life it dawned on me what else is there really?

And I think my view on life is slightly different from the norm.  For one, I’ve never heard this perspective from anyone else.  It’s not something I read or got from conversations or anything.  I believe when I wrote it the Holy Spirit was speaking to me and gave me a jewel, a seed to plant if you will, that was true to me.  Thank YOU LORD!


So I came across this hard FREE beat.  I was feeling it and decided to extend my address of this thought I shared on “LORD Have Mercy,” which was that love, sacrifice, and memories is how I see life differently.

Originally, I wanted to spit 3 verses, each touching the 3 topics.  But, I only had enough space on the song for 2 verses.  This forced me to combine 2 of the topics; sacrifice and memories, on the second verse.  And the hook was pretty simple, yet strong, since I was literally biting myself lol.


Thanks for stopping by.  And as always be safe, be happy, and be blessed.


David Gift


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