New Music: “LORD Have Mercy”


croppedscreenshot_1486251740736_Released 2/4/2017 on my SoundCloud and Audiomack Channels.

The Motivation

Driving forces behind “LORD Have Mercy” were strictly in regard to me using my gifts, talents, and resources fully with more consistency in attempts to gain a wider fan base as I approach the release of my next project Fellowsoldier EP.  Coming Soon!

The Content

I was actually inspired by Big Sean’s Funkmaster Flex most recent freestyle.  I want to see Sean win.  And that led me to listen to his new album.  He is certainly a lyricist and that’s what excites me about Hip Hop.  Along with good production.

As far as my bars are concerned.  I stuck to the script.  Just tried to push myself lyrically with my word choices and rhyme schemes.  My intent for these verses is to encourage and hopefully compel a listener to want to get to know JESUS.  “I’m just planting seeds.  I’m just saying my peace.”  The hook ties into the message of the song because with out the LORD’S mercy what do you really have?  Not much.

Take a Listen

Thanks for stopping by.  And as always, be safe, be blessed and be happy.

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David Gift


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