Word Exchange Album – OUT NOW!

It’s Here baby!

Yes, yes, yes.  On September 1, 2016 I released my debut Album Word Exchange from LightMusick.com via noisetrade.com for FREE!  You can download it for FREE from LightMusick.com, Noisetrade, Soundcloud, or Audiomack plus the full album is on YouTube.com and Facebook.com

So it is officially out there.  The Holy Spirit led me to release it for FREE because I was reading one of my daily devotionals and I came across the Scripture …sell your possessions and give to the needy…  So I agreed with that verse and felt that there is a need for the messages I’m conveying on Word Exchange.  I can only hope that someone gains anything from the experiences, lessons, and hope JESUS showed me.

This project took over 5 years to complete.  Nonetheless, to GOD be the glory it is done.

I’m very happy and excited for this accomplishment.  It is another effort to propel the Light Musick Movement forward and spread the Gospel in hopes of bringing more people to CHRIST.  I couldn’t have done any of it without JESUS.  HE put these desires in my heart and lead me every step of the way.  So it is to HIM I am truly thankful.

ATL Weekend of Hope 9/17/2016

The big outreach I had the pleasure of helping with was a success!  Fewer came than expected, but many lives were touched with love from CityReach Church Atlanta SouthWest in East Point, GA at Milner Athletic Complex.

I performed in front of my biggest crowd to date thanks to Pastor Gus Tidlund and Maya from Trackstarz.com  And I had presentation duty running the slide show, which was fun.   It was nice to meet other Christian Hip Hop artists and see them perform.  I feel like Trackstarz and I may be teaming up again one day.

On Sunday the launch Service was special.  It rained, but people still came to give the LORD their time and praise HIM.  It started with a prayer circle in the red Georgia clay before we went into the big white tent.  The message was about the lady at the well.  And what surprised me is Pastor Gus didn’t even collect an offering.  Plus all the remaining groceries that weren’t distributed the day before he hand delivered to people in the East Point Community with the help of volunteers.

I like my new church home.  And I appreciate the role I serve in using technology to build the slide show presentations.  I always wanted a church home.  The LORD says HE will give you the desires of your heart.  Thank YOU LORD.


Next Steps

Now that the Album is out, my book The Prisoner’s Guide to Doing Time is out the next step is to promote, promote, promote.

I have already released two videos from the Word Exchange Project.  However, I would like to release a third.  And I think the most influential song from this Album is LORD Help Me Please.  So that’s the goal although I’ve already started on my next Album or EP Fellowsoldier.  

So that’s the gist of how things are going.  Thanks for visiting and be sure to check back for more.  Don’t forget to Like, Share, Tweet, and Follow.

And as always, be safe, be blessed, and be happy.


David Gift





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