The Prisoner’s Guide to Doing Time


I released my first E-Book!

The Prisoner’s Guide to Doing Time by David Gift.  I’m a published indie author!  Praise GOD!  It’s available on, Apple iBooks, Kobo, Barnes and and other retailers for only $3.99  Get your copy today!

The Process

I wrote this book when I was in “the hole” or solitary confinement during the last months of my “bid”.  And the Holy Spirit was helping me put it all together.  It came out nice.  I’m satisfied with my first book.  And I hope it will be a blessing to someone in need of this type of information.  To GOD be the glory.  Amen.


If you’re reading this you’re either in prison, going to prison, been to prison or curious about prison. Regardless, welcome to “The Chain Gang.” I’m about to give my personal experiences, testimony, do’s & don’ts and the purpose of any confinement whether county, state, or federal from my opinion.

The Journey Continues

Just thought I’d drop a few lines to put the good news about my E-Book over here for people to discover.  Thanks for visiting and come on back.  Don’t forget to please Share, Like, Comment, and/or Tweet.

As always, be blessed, be safe and be happy.


David Gift



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