Word Exchange Album – Complete!

It’s been a long time coming… Like 5 years in the making.  But it is finally complete!  Thank YOU LORD for allowing me to make it this far in spreading YOUR Holy Word in JESUS Mighty Name.  Amen.

I originally had a plan to incorporate an additional track called “New Ager”  But I decided to save that song for my next album Fellowsoldier.  I feel like it will be a better fit for that album.  The Holy Spirit led me to the decision.

So in total I have a 15 track Word Exchange Album.  Including an Intro called “Resurgence,” which is a real “ripper” as I call these types of songs, which is a song where you are really showcasing your lyrical ability.  It really sets the tone of the album.  And the album includes an Outro called “Gift,” which is a sweet poem dedicated to JESUS.  You can hear some of the album already on my soundcloud page.

I have a working sequence of the album:



Intro: Resurgence

  1. Grace
  2. Better
  3. The Whole Nine
  4. I Grind
  5. LORD Help Me Please
  6. The Good Pass Young
  7. Silver Lining
  8. Truthside
  9. The Holy Pen
  10. Liars
  11. We Goin’ Up
  12. Live Light Language

Outro: Gift

So that’s where I am people.  My next task is to get the whole album mixed and mastered, which is pricey for an Indie Artist.  But it’s all about getting the best sound quality so that this body of work sounds crispy.

After that I have to get my album cover, displayed above, which I designed, edited to read David Gift. Because that’s my new name. #Done

Finally, it’s time to distribute into all digital music stores i.e. iTuens, Amazon Music, Google Play, etc. or a different way.

Releasing this album will mean a lot to me people.  This movement started in a prison cell about 5 years ago when I was a babe in CHRIST.  I picked the songs above from two collections of over 100 songs combined.  I’ve had problems recording with a person and lost money on hours of studio time and couldn’t even use half of the songs I recorded for the album.  I’ve bought beats that turned out not being a good fit for this project.  I had to delete an expensive video off line because it had the wrong track to it and I refused to continue to allow a snake to get any glorification after being coerced into those vocals.  I also got played on a internet radio station I was suppose to interview at.  So the struggle has been real on top of everyday life issues.

But, for the last 3 months I’ve been ministering through my musick at CityReach Church Atlanta Southwest Block Parties in East Point, GA.  Last year I did get some radio play of “The Good Pass Young” on an internet radio station up north.  The site LightMusick.com has had an increase in visitors for the last two months straight.  And the site has 293 Facebook Likes, which is nearly triple we had in 2015!

So it’s all good!  The journey to spread the Gospel continues…

Thanks for stopping by.  And as always be safe, be blessed, and be happy.


David Gift

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