Mobile Photography – My Best Work

20160610_21154120160610_21142320160610_14311920160610_14580420160610_21090320160610_21115220160610_150025Last month I finally scratched the surface of what my LG G4 camera can really do when I use the manual features.

I’ve been a fan of photos with the trailing lights affect since I can remember. But it always puzzled me how they obtained that. Well after Googling a few things and watching some videos on YouTube I was finally closer to knowing than I had ever been.

It all has to do with your cameras ISO and Shutter speed. And for that particular effect night time or evening is when you want to try it out. So that’s what I did and you can see my results.

I’m thrilled these photos came out the way they did. My late Dad was a professional photographer. He did private parties, events, clubs, and individual photo shoots. R.I.P. So I guess I get it from him.

My Mom is kinda photogenic too. They took some sharp pictures when they were younger. I saw some for myself. They looked like king and queen.

The other photos you see just happen to be what I captured around me all in that day. There was a nice carnival on my street that just opened up. I caught a pigeon in flight (I love birds) while at the train station. Then there’s the street vendor in downtown Atlanta who had a nice display of merchandise. I like the escalator one for a couple reasons: 1. That escalator is normally crowded depending on when you catch it. So for it to be empty seemed like a “gift”. 2. It’s kinda symbolic of the stairway to Heavens or climbing the ladder of success, you know working your way up the ranks I suppose. And finally I got a selfie wearing one of my first David Gift Original Splatter Paint t-shirts with a facial expression that looks exactly how I felt about my little unexpected mobile photography expedition.

So there you have it. My best work thus far. Happy to share it with you. And as always be safe, be blessed and be happy.

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