Music Industry Snakes: The Devil Is A Liar


Just made a drastic change within the Light Musick movement.  I deleted all on line publications of my video and song “The Good Pass Young.”

I had to get radical for a reason because, even though I’ve blogged on this issue before, I was fighting an internal battle with my mind, heart, and spirit over the fact of some compromised vocals on said video and song.

I couldn’t continue to be a pawn in this charade.  To be more specific, I was manipulated into giving a person a shout out on my record.  And it is in doing that which stained a personal piece of me dedicated solely to my late Dad, R.I.P. Neck BZ, and aunt, R.I.P. Aunt Kim.  But only temporarily will I be the victim to another one of Satan’s weak schemes to steal, kill, and destroy my composition, my progress, my moment, or this movement.

I do feel better knowing that I am no longer in bondage to this blemish on the masterpiece the LORD gave me the ability to create, which not only reveres my family, but also HIM. This change costed me a pretty penny, but you learn as you go.  And in the end you have to be attentive to the HOLY SPIRIT and trust HIS guidance because HE has your best interest at heart.  Not doing this is what put me in this predicament in the first place.

People like these are music industry snakes, who only seek personal gain.  And will do anything for a piece of the spot light.  Even though their opportunities to shine have dimmed into darkness.

So the plan is to rerecord “The Good Pass Young,” make some edits to the video if possible, and re-release.  That’s the benefit of being an independent artist lol.  Be on the look out for the Word Exchange Album coming soon in the 4th quarter of 2016!  It’s a classic in the making, certified game changer, and simply an awesome body of work.

Thanks for stopping by.  And as always be blessed, be safe, and be happy.


David Gift










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