New Name: I am David Gift


Hey!  New and exciting news from, the new genre of Christian Hip Hop.  Where Scripture, life, and instruments meet.  I have changed or expanded my stage name from simply David to now David Gift.

I thought about this change diligently for about a month.  But even prior I knew if I were to continue my music career as simply David when I release my first album: Word Exchange this year in the 4th quarter it would be hard for people to search and find me in these digital music stores with a name simple as David.

So after careful consideration and deliberation the Holy Spirit laid the last name Gift upon me because my musical talents and artistry are truly a Gift from GOD.  To add, I needed a name I hadn’t heard anyone else with.  So I was able to use my creative juices and while working on finishing up my album I noticed something.  I’m planning on my last track on Word Exchange, the Outro, to be a devotional poem I wrote to the LORD.  And that poem, a very sweet piece of admiration, is titled Gift.  And the last line in it is “Sincerely, David.”  And I’ve heard people recite poems with the title stated after the poem has concluded.  That last line would then read “Sincerely, David. Gift.”  And it was there that I saw a diamond in the rough.  Then decided David Gift would be a delightful stage name.

I went public with my new name yesterday via Facebook and I got a good strong reaction from my friends and fans.  Of course I followed this action by solidifying my new name on all my social media platforms.

Thanks for stopping by and check back for more!


David Gift


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