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By David Gift for Released 3-4-2018 on plus our SoundCloud, YouTube, Audiomack and Facebook platforms. Only by the grace of GOD! Amen.

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The Concept

We wanted to bring a strong Hip Hop vibe basically. And with a title like Still it’s only natural that a chill mellow energy accompany this project produced by Yondo.

The theme of the EP is simply JESUS is real!

Track List

1. Life

2. For My Pop

3. Figure Out

4. Always Near

5. Faith

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As always be blessed, be safe, and be happy.


David Gift

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2017 State of Hip Hop

From Jaden Smith to T-Pain, Big Sean, Ace Hood + More

This year has had quite the supply for the demand of music lovers. And even though I’m a Christian Hip Hop Artist I still keep up with the climate of the Hip Hop world for new trends and simply because I’m a part of the culture. Plus, I respect the talent of everybody in the game. But, are they doing the best they can do with it is what I’ll touch on.

Honestly, for me, it’s hard to find a favorite MC these days because content wise it’s all the same: money, sex, violence, drugs; with a new heavy emphasis on the drugs as we are definitely in the pill popping era. I will admit there has been an increase in politically or socially driven lyrics recently. But, without acknowledging JESUS in all of this are you extinguishing the fire or adding fuel?

Gospel Influence

I’ve noticed that every since Chance the Rapper came out with Coloring Book last year, which had a strong Gospel influence and received high praise, more rappers have started turning towards the Bible or Gospel in their lyrics. Jaden Smith says “…hundred thousand dollars in a Bible…” on his song “Icon” off his new album Syre. Big Sean says “…I study the Bible and Koran…” on “In Tune” from his new album Double or Nothing. T-Pain says “…I never claimed I wasn’t a sinner…” on “Second Chance” from his new album Oblivion. The list goes on and on.

But, I think speaking of GOD or using HIS Scriptures in these contexts is blasphemous. The Bible says 24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon (money). MATTHEW 6:24 KJV Amen.

How can these artists couple curse words with anything Godly? In the same song their calling GOD out of HIS name and using Bible references. I don’t think that’s right or appropriate. The Bible says 21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. PROVERBS 18:21 KJV Amen. This speaks to the artists and listeners. And I think the lack of sound doctrine in music is especially misleading our youth.

Hip Hop Now

This year Hip Hop has reached a new level of acceptance as the #1 music genre in the world. But, dear current rappers: you aren’t saying much of anything good. As a distrought fan of Hip Hop all I listen for now is a nice beat, maybe a cool melody, hook, or wordplay, and if I’m lucky I’ll get some decent content.

I’ve noticed some artists that recently went independent are expressing a stronger relationship with GOD. I heard it on the latest projects from people like Ace Hood, my favorite right now all because of his song “Blessed” on his new project Trust the Process. And even Big K.R.I.T. on his new album 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time.

I understand everyone is not saved. But, if it ain’t about JESUS it ain’t about nothing. And you are not “woke.” The Christian Hip Hop landscape is a whole other bag of worms. I’ll save that for later. But, I saw an interview on YouTube from Lecrae and he said he doesn’t want to be classified as a Christian Rapper. Hmmm…

My next project the Still EP is Coming Soon – Stay tuned.

As always be blessed, be safe, and be happy. Happy Holidays from all of us at


David Gift

My First Turkey

Remove the Guts?!

As a single guy with family far away and family local that have their own plans this will be my first year baking a young turkey for Thanksgiving.

If it wasn’t for my Mom, bless her heart, I would’ve tried to bake this sucker on a cookie sheet lol. No, seriously, that was my plan. I thought I was all set. Mom quickly said “Nah babe, that ain’t gone work. You need a rotisserie pan.” So, we figured I can go to the dollar store and get 3 of those tin pans. Gotta double the bottom and use the third to cover the top.

Special thanks to World Changers Church for giving me and the whole neighborhood not only a free turkey, but also stuffing, egg noodles, great northern beans and can goods to go with it. Much appreciated!

So, when I heard I gotta remove the guts my first thought was that sounds nasty! My Mom straightened me out about that. But, I do want to get a pair of gloves AT LEAST, sheesh, lol.

The Plan

So this is how we decided to tackle this thing: get the tin pans to bake it in, thaw it out a full day in advance, get some gloves, remove the guts, season the turkey with salt and pepper then put some butter on it, boil the guts and pour the broth on the turkey every hour to base it, bake at about 350 degrees for close to 8 hours after I put the stuffing inside, which I’ll be using my Dad’s famous graham crackers recipe. And that’s it. Just check on it periodically and in the mean time cook the other sides- basically some “heat ’em and eat ’em” stuff as my Mom says lol!

So, wish me luck baking my first turkey for Thanksgiving 2017.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at! Enjoy and be thankful for what you have and what you have had.


David Gift

New Music: “Help Us Holy Spirit”

via Daily Prompt: Mystery

Relased Nov. 3, 2017 on our Soundcloud, Audiomack, and YouTube Channels as well as

Where is the help?

There’s no mystery about where all of our help comes from. “I will life up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.” PSALM 121:1 KJV

The Holy Spirit is our Helper.  He delights in helping us with all our problems and issues.

This song is really a prayer to Him, asking Him to help us.  With so much going on in the world today that is bad and seemingly getting worse JESUS is still on the throne. Amen.  JESUS is a very able and active GOD to do whatever he pleases to assist us in our trying times.  I hope you enjoy the song.  Our Still EP is Coming Soon.



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As always be safe, be blessed, and be happy. GOD bless you.


David Gift

“I Thank The LORD” – Video Released

Available on, YouTube, and Facebook

It’s HERE!

After 7 months of planning and preparation the “I Thank The LORD” Official Music Video presented by in Association with 1 Love has arrived. So much thought and energy went into the making of this video literally all the way down to the shoe strings…

The Concept

From our new project, the Fellowsoldier EP by David Gift, which is out now everywhere we always wanted to highlight the “I Thank The LORD” song with a music video. But, once we started getting reviews on the project one friend, Skinny, gave the idea to put two songs together in the same video. So, we ran with it. That other song happens to be “I Just Kick It,” which plays at the end of the video. I’ve always enjoyed these types of videos and it was so cool to create one.

Within the video, we wanted the theme to be a celebratory praise and worship piece with bright colors, nice scenery, and cool angles.  We also wanted to send a visual message with the attire that was chosen. Additionally, we wanted the second song to contrast with the first in a strong way.  So, we used the black and white visual effect for that. We spent the whole month of August recruiting a dancer. After advertising, calling dance studios, and weeding through the prospects Chamirra Hall was chosen as our praise and worship dancer.  She choreographed the entire dance routine and did a phenomenal job. Much thanks to her! She even did a little bit of video shooting, which was much needed and appreciated.

The Message

Giving JESUS CHRIST thanks for what you have now and what you will have later is the message for this song. Hence, the hook: “I thank The LORD for more and what is in store.” “I Just Kick It” is about living everyday to the fullest and making the most of it. Just waking up is truly a blessing. Because somebody didn’t wake up this morning.

Final Thoughts

It’s just a privilege and a honor to spread the Gospel. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. The beauty of having total creative control is awesome. We look forward to continue creating more Light Musick.

Special thanks to my Mom, Ann Moses and my big brother, Andre Moses for all their continued love, support, prayers and encouragement. Bless their hearts. I could not have done this with out them.

Thank YOU LORD for giving me this wonderful opportunity to use my gifts and talents to glorify YOU in JESUS Might Name. Amen.



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David Gift

Cocoa Beach, FL 🌊

via Daily Prompt: Memorize

My Summer 2017 Has Been Memorable

I hadn’t been to the beach in over 10 years! And I grew up in Florida most of my life. Ft. Lauderdale, then Tampa Bay, and Tallahassee.

When my good friend made the hour long drive to the beach from Orlando I knew I was about to have a special moment. Soon as we touched the sand I remembered my last time at the beach in Miami back in 2007.

Then my thoughts went back even further to when I was a kid and my Dad, rest his soul, would take us to the beach. We would dress alike, eat snacks and just have fun. I miss those days…

We took some pictures of course then I went running for the waves. They were small but powerful. In a moment like that I thought it best to utilize social media for its intended purpose and Go Live on Facebook and Twitter. I just wanted to share this experience with as many people as possible and I had more viewers on Periscope than ever before. Watch.

When my feet touched the water I was in awe that I was feeling the ocean once again. The weather was perfect; overcast, breezy, not a lot of people. The view from shore looking out over the water was spectacular. I was in the Atlantic Ocean!

But I couldn’t help to think that at the same time I was being blessed by this awesome experience people in Texas were being impacted by Hurricane Harvey. It was just interesting to me that the same waters GOD was restoring me with were about to destroy peoples lives.

But I’m not suppose to understand it because HIS ways are higher than our ways. And HE has used that catastrophe to bring so many people together. ISAIAH 55:8-9 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. K.J.V. Amen.

I will always remember this last trip to the beach. It was awesome! Thank YOU LORD.🌴


As always be safe, be blessed, and be happy.


David Gift




Discover Christian Artistry

Limited Edition Physical CD Copies of the Fellowsoldier EP by David Gift have arrived by the grace of GOD!

Available for Purchase

This is our second physical CD package this year. It is truly a blessing to have a music project manufactured and sold. Receiving money for all the hard work that went into this is awesome. But more importantly, we pray that a message from the music touches someone and has a profound impact on their life in a positive way.

The Downside

Selling these units is a true task because technically it’s illegal in Atlanta, GA. So I have to be very careful and selective about who, when, and where I sale.

The Brightside

Thankfully, we’ve had several repeat customers who bought our debut album Word Exchange this past Spring.

We’ve also been promoting the availability of the Fellowsoldier EP on all the major digital music stores like Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal and others.


Every Little Bit Helps

Please support the Light Musick Movement as we push the Fellowsoldier EP. Reach out to me if you would like to purchase a Limited Edition Physical CD Copy of the Fellowsoldier EP today. Only $6 + Shipping. While Supplies Last!

10% of the proceeds will go towards tithing and the remainder will be reinvested into our next project.

What’s Next?

“I Thank The LORD” Offical Music Video Coming Soon.

We spent the whole month of August scouting and recruiting a dancer for this video and we finally found one thank GOD. So we plan on shooting in a few weeks and we’re excited about that. Be on the look out.

“I Thank The LORD” is the second song on the Fellowsoldier EP.


Our thoughts and prayers are with all those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. JESUS can make all things new… This natural disaster has brought so many people together that some may see it for the blessing in disguise that it really is. #Christ4Crisis

As always be safe, be blessed, and be happy. Please Follow, Like, Share, Comment and/or RePost.


David Gift

P.S. Fellowsoldier is a Biblical word. It means co-campaigner. Someone who assists. A helper.

Fellowsoldier EP – “Heal Me” Song Backstory

This song features the beautiful voice of Megan Chiree.

What Had Happen Was

I was just on my way to church one Sunday. July 9th to be exact. And the church van picked up Megan. So we talked along the way. We ended up sitting together for Service, which was great. Then it was back on the van heading home.

Well I invited Megan to my house after church to hang out. We had a great time just listening to music, talking, and her eating all my candy lol. But for real, Megan was the very first person to hear the whole Fellowsoldier EP before anyone else. Her reviews gave me great encouragement by the way.

So she was just so shocked at my music and everything we got going on at that it was a complete surprise to her and something she’d never have suspected from me being a person she just met on a church van.

Her Vocals

I told Megan I had one more song to record and the project would be complete. I was actually waiting on another singer that same day to do that. But it didn’t work out. So Megan ended up singing the wonderful song we recorded together. See how GOD works. Won’t HE do it!

Megan and I rehersed the lyrics a few times first. I gave her the melody and she ran with it. She had been in the church choir as an alto singer so this was nothing new to her at all. Megan did her part in one take. I made a few technical adjustments then did my part and the song was finished. The best part of the whole process was listening to and watching her reactions as she played back her own vocals. I had to take a picture to capture that moment. Awesome…

Song Breakdown

“Heal Me” is basically a prayer to the LORD on behalf of the world from me. And JESUS says in the Bible: For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. MATTHEW 18:20 K.J.V. Amen. So Megan and I coming together was perfect for this.

It’s also about how sometimes you have to cry out to GOD to get HIS attention even though HE is always listening. And pray specifically for whatever it is that you need at that time.

The beat is produced by Ty Rose. A very sentimental sound. It caught me in an instant. And I began writing to it. We feel like it was the perfect way to end the Fellowsoldier Project with an original gospel where you get to experience Megan Chiree sing for maybe the first time and even hear us do a duet at the end.

This is one of those songs I can really see being sang in churches around the world. It’s a powerful song that can heal and comfort everyone because GOD is faithful.

Stream or Purchase

 Available in iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Tidal and other digital music stores.


Final Thoughts

I appreciate everyone who took time to read my latest posts about each song on the Fellowsoldier EP and taking time to listen to my work. I’m so thankful to be able to create music for GOD and believers as well as non-believers alike. Thanks so much!!!

As always be safe, be blessed, and be happy. Please Share, Like, and/or Comment. Thanks again for your support.


David Gift

P.S. Fellowsoldier is a Biblical word. It means co-campaigner. Someone who assists. A helper.

Fellowsoldier EP – “Sweet Dreamin” Song Backstory

“I’m just a dreamer dreamin my dreams…” ⛅

This song is the epitome of thinking BIG! Steve Harvey has an exercise where he challenges anyone to write down a list of 500 goals to reach in your life. Big or small. I haven’t taken him up on it yet. But I’ve thought about it and I plan to. I heard some people get stuck at 50. The idea is to expand your mind beyond the normal. That’s exactly what this song is about.

There’s a Scripture related to this as well in PHILLIPIANS 4:8- Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. K.J.V. Amen.

This song is also simply an affirmation over my life. And we all know how powerful an affirmation can be.

Song Breakdown 🎤

I wrote this song about 2 or more years ago with pen and paper. “…You want to cop a house? Nah, I want a palace. That’s sittin on the water. I always been a starter…” That’s a lyrical example from this song so you can see where I’m going with this.

The beat is produced by MOS3S. My Mom actually led me to this one. It’s a Dubstep beat. Super cool man. I applied several other beats to this song prior. But when I heard this, I had to use it and put this on the Fellowsoldier EP.

This song really diversified the whole project. It stretches the body of work greatly in an artisticly creative way to display and express a balanced spectrum of what Light Musick has to offer the world.

I recorded this song in my home studio. I did it in one take. We had a technical difficulty so we had to do another take. But we’re happy with the results.

“Go for what you know.” -Neck BZ, R.I.P. 🙏

Don’t ever let anyone kill your vibe. You’re gonna shine eventually. Just keep GOD first, pray, and work hard on your craft. If one person says one positive thing about what you created or did, or you get one like on Twitter or Facebook, or one view on YouTube you have changed the world for the better my friend. Because that seed, whatever positivity you posted, was deposited and planted into another human being. And seeds grow.

Stream or Purchase 📈

Available in iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Tidal and other digital music stores.

Listen ❤

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David Gift


Fellowsoldier is a Biblical word. It means co-campaigner. Someone who assists. A helper.

Fellowsoldier EP – “I See YOU” Song Backstory

I see GOD in Everything

That’s the message in the song “I See YOU” on the Fellowsoldier EP. This was also one of the 11 songs released earlier this year. And it was the second most played. From that statistic and how the Holy Spirit led us we had to put it on this project.

Song Essentials

On this tune I immediately claim my home town Pittsburgh, PA in the opening lyrics. “I’m from Pittsburgh where we rock P caps. We don’t give dap. Just G slaps. A misfit from the Hill District…” As an independent Christian Hip Hop artist I always want to pay homage to my roots. Especially my birth place. Although I grew up in Tampa Bay, FL I still consider the Burgh home. Tampa is my second home and Atlanta is where I reside currently. I got love for them all.

I try to express how one can see GOD in all aspects of life. Even tragedies. The Scripture that supports this is ISAIAH 55:8-9 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. K.J.V. Amen.

In the line “… Entered the Kingdom as a foreigner. HE welcomed me with open arms…” I’m just telling my journey and my testimony in a different way. Meaning I had to become born again to inherit Eternal Life which JESUS gives freely to anyone. And that along with my perspective as to how you can see GOD in your life is what this song is about. You may not always understand, but keep the faith.

Surprise surprise! I’m singing on this one. Yup yup you can hear me hold a few notes in the chorus, which says “LORD LORD LORD I see YOU. Yes I do. Yes I do…” It was fun coming up with those lyrics and that melody.

The beat is produced by Young Taylor. It’s dope. The vibe is just so different. It was SO different that it compelled me to sing and be even more creative. I wrote this song in like 10 minutes on my smartphone. And even though it was complete I was in such a groove and flow that I didn’t want to stop writing! First time for everything.

We recorded this record in my home studio as well. The beauty of being an independent artist is total freedom. At least at this stage. And I thoroughly enjoy that.

Stream or Purchase

Available in iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Tidal and other digital music stores.



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David Gift

P.S. Fellowsoldier is a Biblical word. It means co-campaigner. Someone who assists. A helper.